We offer quays/berths almost in heart to Tallinn in Kopli area for safe mooring and staying for the vessels alongside for any purposes for ship’s technical or repair servicing, carrying out the routine and medium repairs of ship’s equipment;

The quays are offered among others for following purposes:

  • ship’s technical servicing (Emergency, Regular, Lay-Up, Repairing) (welding works, engines repair, pipe fitting repair, steel renewal, cleaning tanks, hatches, decks etc.);
  • waiting for next voyage assignment;
  • carrying out the routine and medium repairs of ship’s equipment;
  • bunkering with the fuel oil and fresh water;
  • receiving of materials, equipment and any provision;
  • cargo discharging, handling and storage;
  • slops removal and disposal;


  • Call possible arrange without tugs, if the ship applied BT (bow thruster).
  • Cost of berth (LOA) is very competitive price for LOA /ship.
  • Our workshop-stock - located close to berth/ ship alongside, approx. 250 m.
  • Have a chanse to accomadated the storage some cargo or equpment inside stock.
  • Carrying out underwater survey & repair: ship’s bottom, propeller, rudder, bow thruster.

Operational and technical characteristics of quays:

5,6-6,4 m

Max. draft:

100 m

3,2-5,1 m

256 m

5,1-6,2 m

186 m

8,3 m

100 m


The quays are equipped with the facilities of fresh water and electricity supply. There is access by railway branch-lines and roads, gantry cranes with payload capacity of 15 tons and open area paved with concrete and asphalt of 27 000 sq. m. Area can be used for any vessel’s equipment storage ashore with loading/unloading possibility.

Our ship agency & logistics joint-stock company Aldena Shipping OU will provide full agency assistance to your vessel including arrangement: full clearance in/out, pilots, tugs assistance for safe berthing/ unberthing with prepare budget calculation as well as PDA.

The main dimensions limitation for accepted vessels is maximum allowed draft. There are no tidal deviations from zero sea levels. Insignificant fluctuations within 0, 1-0, 2 m. are to be observed, which depend on speed and direction of wind and, partly, on atmospheric pressure as well.

If you would have any additional questions or need any clarifications– you are very welcome to contact us using the below contacts.

Do not hesitate to contact to us directly in any time, 24/7 by phone +372 555 17 456.