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Event Calender

Please find Aldena Repair Group`s Event Calendar 2017 below. Interested to learn more about our unique projects and technical capabilities, to meet main representatives of the company? Please contact Mr. Aleksandr Mischenkov by email info@aldena-repair.com to schedule a meeting.

Name Date Place Info
Sjöfartens dag/ Maritime Day 14 May Mariehamn, Finland Exhibitor
Posidonia 2020 1- 5 June Athens, Greece Visitor
Nor - Fishing 2020 18- 21 August Trondheim, Norway Visitor
SMM Hamburg 2020 8-11 September Hamburg, Germany Visitor
MTB Marine-Europe 2020 14-17 October Rhodes, Krit Exhibitor
Name Date Place Info
Sjöfartens Dag/ Maritime Day 2017 1 June, 2017 Mariehamn, Finland Delegated person
Donsö Shipping Meet 2017 5-6 September, 2017 Donsö island, Sweden Delegated person
NEVA 2017 19- 22 September, 2017 St- Petersburg, Russia Delegated person
Europort 2017 7-10 November, 2017 Rotterdam, The Netherlands Delegated person